Focaccia with rosemary

INGREDIENTS (3 pizzas)


600 g strong white bread flour

20 g fresh yeast

15 g sugar (1,5 small spoonfuls)

10 g of fine salt (1 small spoonful)

50 ml olive oil

270 ml warm water (not hot)

Baking paper for the pan


3/4 sprigs of rosemary

olive oil


Step 1: to test the yeast

MELT yeast and sugar in half glass of water and cover with a saucer

LEAVE for 10 minutes, until it becomes bubbly

Step 2: to make the focaccia dough

POUR the mixture in a large bowl

ADD the rest of the water, flour, oil and salt

MIX well until the ingredients come together

KNEAD the dough to create a ball

TRANSFER to a floured surface

KNEAD with energy for about 5/10 minutes, until it becomes smooth and not sticky

Step 3: to prep the pan

LAY the baking paper on a large pan

ROLL OUT the pizza dough with your hands directly in the pan

PRICK the surface all over using a fork

COVER with cling film (make sure the cling never gets in contact with the dough)

LEAVE to rise for about 3 hours in a warm place

Step 4: to bake

HEAT the oven to 200°

ADD some salt, rosemary leaves and olive oil on top of the focaccia

COOK for approximately 30 mins

Step 5:

Serve while still hot with your favourite cold cuts (affettati)

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