About our school

Welcome Orio Vergani Middle school. Our school is in the middle of a park, the Ghezzi Park in Novate Milanese, near Milan. 

Our school is big, there are 20 classes and 420 students. It has got a big park, two gyms, Art, Music, Science and Muldimedia labs where we can learn many interesting things.

Science Lab:

The Science lab is very nice, this is where we carry on quite interesting experiments. There are large desks set on two rows, many closets contain a lot of equipment that we use for our projects. There is an old style blackboard, a scientific table with a periodic table of elements.

Multimedia Lab:

The multimedia lab is colourful and quite large, it has 25 workstations. Some computers are new, some are a bit old.

Art Lab:

The art rooms are big and bright, there are large  desks and many cabinets to store all sort  of art supplies: paintbrushes, colours, various  types of paper…

The gyms:

The gyms are very large, there are three courts: the basketball, the volleyball and the handball court. In the gyms we practice different types of sport, it is real fun!

Music labs:

There are two music labs, with all sort of music instruments. We go to the music lab also for singing.