INGREDIENTS (3 pizzas)
600 g strong white bread flour
20 g fresh yeast
10 g sugar
10 g (1 small spoonful of fine salt)
20 ml olive oil
320 ml warm water (not hot)
Some butter to prep the pan
300 g tomato passata
1 clove of garlic
a pinch of origan
olive oil
90 g drained mozzarella cheese
a few basil leaves

Step 1: to test the yeast
MELT yeast and sugar half glass of water and cover with a saucer
LEAVE for 10 minutes, until it becomes bubbly

Step 2: to make the pizza dough
POUR the mixture in a large bowl
ADD the rest of the water, flour, oil and salt
MIX well until the ingredients come together
KNEAD the dough to create a ball
TRANSFER to a floured surface
KNEAD with energy for about 5/10 minutes, until it becomes smooth and not sticky
TRANSFER to a lightly oiled bowl
COVER with cling film
LEAVE to rise for about 1,5 hours in a warm place or until doubled in size

Step 3: for the sauce
POUR the sauce into a bowl
CUT the garlic clove in half
ADD the garlic, salt, olive oil and origan
LEAVE to season for 30 minutes

Step 4: to assemble
DIVIDE the dough in 3 balls
FLOWER each ball and WRAP in cling film (it will be easier to roll it)
LEAVE TO REST for 15 mins
SPREAD some butter in a pizza pan (this is a very useful trick)
ROLL OUT the pizza dough with your hands directly in the pan
SPREAD the tomato sauce over the pizza
ADD the mozzarella cheese
COOK in oven preheated to 250° for 10/15 mins.
Little hint: to make sure the mozzarella doesn’t get burnt you can add it at half cooking

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