INGREDIENTS (serves 8)

300 g ladyfingers (savoiardi)

500g mascarpone cheese

300g sweetened coffee (cooled) you can use ginseng coffee or barley, according to your taste

4 eggs

100 g sugar

Unsweetened cocoa powder for the surface


STEP 1. To prepare the mascarpone cream

SEPARATE the egg whites from the yolks

PLACE the egg whites in a container

ADD 25 g sugar

WHIP the egg yolks with a hand mixer until it becomes clear and frothy

ADD the mascarpone cheese little by litte

CONTINUE whipping

SET the thick crème aside

CLEAN the mixer 

WHIP the eg yolks adding the remaining sugar a little at a time, until it sticks to the bowl

POUR the egg whites into the egg yolks mixture little by little 

STIRRING gently from bottom to top

SET the mascarpone mixture aside

Step 2. To assemble

PLACE some cream on the bottom of your container

SOAK the ladyfingers in the coffee on both sides

ARRANGE them side by side on top of the cream

SPREAD some mascarpone cream on the first layer of ladyfingers

ARRANGE the second layer of soaked ladyfingers

SPREAD some cream on the top

LEVEL the surface

SPRINKLE with the cocoa powder to decorate

LEAVE in the fridge for 2 hours before serving

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