INGREDIENTS (serves 25)

400 g minced pork meat

400 g minced veal meat

2 Tbsp bread crumbs

1 dl milk

Salt and pepper

Mixed spices

STEP 1. Preparation

MIX the two types or minced meat

ADD the salt and the pepper

ADD the bread crumbs

STIR the mixture adding the milk little by little until you get a soft mixture

STEP 2. Rest

LET the mixture REST for 30 minutes covered by a dry towel

STEP 3. Shaping the meat balls

USE a spoon against the palm of your hand to shape a small quantity of the

mixture into a ball

STEP 4. Cooking

PUT a nice piece of butter in a frying pan

PUT the balls of mixture in the frying pan and turn them around regularly

until they are cooked

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